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Im selling these games for the playstation 1 and playstation 2 . These games im about to list and they are for the playstation1 they are affordable and clean as hell so lemme know okay here goes.

Resident evil directors cut, resident-2, resident evil-3, starocean second story, finalfantasy 7-8, Xenogears, legend of legia, Roadrash, Countdown vampires, Megaman-x4, megaman-x5,megaman -x6, that does it for the Playstation 1 line up.

Now the the playstation2 lineup shall we. Maxpayne devil may cry tokyo extreme racer zero.

The playstation 1 games list for $7 bucks a piece and the playstation 2 games list for $10 a piece lemme know they are in excellent condition buyer pays for shipping and thatnks for your time.
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