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Getting rid of my car audio due to the fact that I no longer need a huge system in my lightweight car and more importantly I could really use the extra cash.

Also willing to trade for 97+ prelude parts

Prices for everything are at the bottom of the page.

Click on all pictures to enlarge. Pictures of Subs are from their website. The Amps photos are from random sellers of the product as the manufacturer has since made a new model and no longer has pictures of this one. Cap is actual. Radio pictures are not mine, but they're literally identical...right down to the harness.

Alphasonik 10 Inch Subwoofers (2) with ported box.

400 watt RMS
800 watt MAX
90dB Efficiency
Frequency Response of 30Hz to 500Hz
46 oz. Double-Stacked Magnet
Dual 4-ohm 2” Voice Coils

I know pretty much nothing when it comes to car audio, I bought these from a friend brand new. They were broken in the correct way by playing at relatively low volume for 40 hours. They have been used an absolute maximum of 50 hours as I've been carless most of the time I've owned these. They are currently nearly brand new.

Like I said, I know nothing about subs...but these HIT. Now I know everyone says that about their own, or someone elses setup. I dont care. I've heard L7s, I've heard a 13.5 W7. These do not sound like 10s. Every person, friend or not who has experienced these have thought they were 12s.

Its one of those brands you probably havent heard of, but make great products. My friend who sold me these, has another set of the same subs in his car. Fully powered and played at high volume with rap only. They hold up GREAT. No problems, no distortion. In the future I will buy alphasonik again.

They have been powered by a 600 watt mono block amp... with only one voice coil hooked up on each, so you know they were not overpowered. I'm also not a stunna and didnt blast these at full volume. I primarily listen to rock and the bass is set to -2 from a range of -6 to 6+ It was turned up to 6+ for bragging rights but only for minutes at a time.

In case you couldnt figure it out by now, the subs are mint. If there is serious interest I will take actual pictures of said product.

Hifonics Brutus BX605 600 Watts Mono Block Amplifier

1-Channel / Mono Block for Subwoofer Operation
300-Watts RMS x 1-Channel @ 2-Ohms
600-Watts RMS x 1-Channel @ 1-Ohms
Hifonics DCR-1 Remote Bass Control Included
Fully Adjustable Accu-Cross Crossover includes: Low-Pass (Adjusts 35Hz to 250Hz)

This was the amp used to power the subwoofers. It, too was purchased brand new from my friend...and has the same life as the subs. (50 hours max)

I never touched any of the adjustment knobs as I dont know what any of it does.

I, along with a couple of car audio buddies think this amp puts out more than the factory rated 605 watts. I have no doubt in my mind you will think the same.

Never felt hot to touch.

There are a few surface scratches on it from hitting up against my tire iron for a week. :hammer: Other than that its in great condition.

Again, if there is interest...actual pictures will be readily available.

Rockford Fosgate 1 Farad Capacitor

Whats there to say? This is not digital, I'm guessing its older. Pics are actual. Mint condition.


Alphasonik Subwoofers with box - $250
Hifonics Amplifier - $100
Rockford Fosgate Capacitor - $30

I am pretty firm about these prices, but dont be afraid to make offers. Worst I can say is no thanks...but please do not even waste your time lowballing me. Prices do not include shipping.

I will happily meet up with you to make a deal. I invite you to listen before you buy as well. If you have the means of hooking up any of these items to a car and testing them out...go ahead! But dont make me drive an hour out to meet up with you, to listen and not want them.

I accept all forms of payment, but prefer paypal. If paying with paypal please add 3% to total.

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wowitztony said:
how much for the sucs and amp together shipped to 19148 send pics to [email protected]
If you're in philly...honestly it'd be better to meet up halfway. It'd be about an hour for each of us. Shipping would be way too expensive for such a short distance.

biznatchyryan said:
HOw much for the capicator shipped to 03103 ?

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if u stil have the alphasonik sub...all i need is one..i already have a specail 10 inch box...and i liv in pa near reading...we culd meet up weneva and talk...but how muc for jes one 10 inch..u culd prolli make 50 if u jes sold da box alone...but i need da it double stackd magnet?pm me asap!!!
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