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Hey all

So I decided to hose down my engine bay. I covered a few things with a paper bag, including the fuse box, but I didn't cover the alternator because I wasn't planning on starting the engine for a couple of days after by which time the water that got inside the alternator should have evaporated. Regrettably, the alternator has failed.

After starting the car, the battery warning light came on. Also, the alternator was making a squealing noise. See the video here to hear the sound at 1500 RPM, 1100 RPM and 800 RPM (barely makes any sound at 800 RPM).


My battery went flat in just over an hour.

I have checked both the ACG(S) fuse (37) and alternator/fuel pump fuse (12). Both are are fine. I also disconnected the alternator power cable and let it sit overnight to allow any water that may have gotten inside to evaporate. This didn't help.

The fact that the alternator is now making a squealing noise makes me think the problem is mechanical rather than electrical but perhaps its both.

What do others think?
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