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Alternator Removal(how to) 1996 CX?

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Hey i need to replace my OEM alt w/ my new high output one.. How do i go about removing it.. i heard u have to R&I a bunch of stuff(incl. axels)... but there yusta be this guy on - who told me he did it to his civic w/ OUT any R&I(remove & install) --

If any1 knows how to do it.. or knows a link wehre they show how to do it-- w/ tha elast amount work-- hit me abck asap!
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man, the best thing to do is go out and buy a repair manual for your vehicle. that can be your best friend. it should tell you all the info you need... good luck...
yeah, i agree. I wish I could help, but it would take a lot of words. My alternator is pretty buried! I don't know what the best widely available manual is (Hayne's, Chilton's, ...), but if you can wait, you can order in always indispensible Helm's manual. It is the factory service manual, just published by Helm, Inc. Go to to get one. I have used mine so many times that I don't know what I would have done without it.
oh, by the way, are you putting in lots of stereo goodies or something? I don't hear of upgrading alternators unless I'm reading Car Audio & Electronics.
u guys are no help soo far...

i know i can buy a manual-- BUT obviously i wanna know an easier way.. tha manual says to R&I tha axels & a bunch of other shit -- & there is supposed to be a way to do it w/o having to do that... -- thats what im looking for.. so please NO more post about buyin tha damn book.. i already have a (2 copies)haynes book for my car.. & that frigin thing is pointless..

Hrmm if im putting in a HIGH OUTPUT alt in.. what do u think.. im guessing stereo...
I just checked out my service manual for my 92 Civic hatch, and it doesn't say anything about removing axels or anything else.

Remove the alternator connector.

Remove terminal nut, and the White wire from the terminal.

Remove all the bolts and brackets, and it comes right out.

I guess your car is much different than mine. Only trying to help. The service manual by Helm is seriously way better than Hayne's. Look into it in the future, because it's risky counting on advice from this forum sometimes. ;)

Any chance I could ask how many watts your stereo is putting out? Did you already hook up a cap? Just wondering since alternator usually isn't issue unless your system is getting very powerful.
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