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Amp set up in '00 accord?

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I needed to know if anyone has setup an amplifier in their trunk of a 4dr 6thgen honda. I wanna see how they did there setup. Right now, I cant mount my amp to the rear seat cause of the arm rest opening, so i was wondering if and how you can make a board and then mount the amp on that. Any help is appreciated.

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well my friend hooked his amp up to the side of his trunk, which is pretty unstable cuz there's like no firm support. u could also mount ur amp underneath the passenger seat which isn't really reccomended because there's no good air flow to keep the amp cool. i'd go for a custom enclosure, if u're willing to take the time to build one or get it done. the pic of the following custom box isn't for the accord but for the prelude. this is the way i have it setup as well. the link doesn't directly send u to the pics so click on the "Audio" icon located on the upper left menu options. 5th gen prelude custom enclosure
Thanks for the help. The only thing is that i really dont want to give up so much trunk space. That was why i was thinking of mounting plywood against the rear seats in the trunk. That way, I dont lose so much room. But i did like the way you mounted your subs- looks killer. I see that you are running pure alpine!!! I have an alpine amp, and JL subs. Laters

Just mount your amp on the back seat, when you fold the seat down it looks sweet!
Cant do that cause, there isnt enough room cause of the armrest console that goes to the trunk. If it wasnt for that thing, then I would have definitely mounted it like you said

see the only prob with mounting it to the back seat, besides ur arm console is that it doesn't look good when there's this gap between the backseat and the back. that's wut i originally did but changed it. the only trunk u lose setting it the way i have it now is the height, since u're not taking the spare out
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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