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Another OBD-I to OBD-II Question

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My bros jdm b16 w/OBD-I ecu has totally broken down.
He is planning on replacing it with a jdm itr engine swap probably with a OBD-II ecu. Will the wiring harness on the b16 fit on the type-r? Can he still use the reprogramed OBD-I Mugen spec ECU with the type-r? or should he find a OBD-I ITR ECU?
What are the different options does my brother have?
Thank you!!!
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I gaurantee you the OBDI haarness will not work in conjuction with that of a OBDII will have to ghetto rig or modify the harness inorder for it to work.

Use the correct wire harness, the drop will be fast and easy and you will run into no or little problems with the engine. Modifying the wire to work will lead you into a road of frustrations and waste of time.

This is what you should do:

Get the OBDII ITR engine and hook everything up via OBDII a OBDII to OBDI ECU convrsion harness and hook up the OBDI ECU.

Heres the conversion harness you should buy;

Good luck
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yeah I'm w/ jayman, your brother is gonna need that conv. harness which is actually becoming pretty popular now, because people w/ OBDII want OBDI ECUs because of their ease to configure, but I have to keep stressing, please SEARCH before you post or just look really quickly to see if there is anything like you posted, I just answered almost the same question earlier today
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