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anti detonation unit!good or not for my custum turbo setup?

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The unit system is used by auto maker on all of their turbo cars . The unit adjusts the charge air pressure automatically to the maximum possible for the grade of fuel used at any given time. Fuel available to the pumps has been quite irregular in quality for some time now. The unit system enables the engine to achieve ideal performance regardless of the grade of fuel in the tank.
Under heavy engine loads, knocking and pinging can occur. Knocking is caused by pre-ignition of the air fuel mixture. Pre-ignition causes high heat and stress loads on an engine which can cause serious damage if allowed to continue. There is another type of knocking that occurs at high engine speeds which is inaudible to the human ear. This inaudible knocking is the most damaging to the engine.
In most cases, manufacturers restrict the performance to allow for fuel quality variations. Unfortunately, not all of the full energy potential can be extracted from the fuel, and is lost in the form of heat. The unit system is a mostly transistorized system with only one moving part. This makes the system very reliable and unlikely to give any trouble.

"How much performance does the unit add?"

After initial installation, the performance gain was quite noticeable. I hooked up a graduated pressure gauge to get some exact numbers. The stock boost setting on the car is supposed to be 10 psi, but is often lower than that in real life, in my case it was about 8 psi
The needle on the stock gauge is currently reading right to the end of the gauge on the dash which I confirmed to be 14psi with an accurate graduated gauge. The turbo also spools up faster to the max pressure.

"how it works"
The unit listens for knocking and retards the boost in increments of 1.5 psi until the detonation goes away and attempts to bring it back as much as possible until detonation is detected then retards the boost again. This prevents the engine for being damaged by knocking and pinging while allowing the maximum boost possible. Neat trick huh?

The unit receives signals from several transmitters, and in turn processes those signals and uses the data to adjust the charge air pressure. It does this by actuating the wastegate with an electrically operated solenoid valve tapped into the pressure line to the wastegate. The following sensors are used by the control unit to determine charge air pressure: The main sensor is the knock sensor. The knock sensor is a piezo electric sensor that is used a lot like a microphone to listen for detonation. There is a pressure transducer to sense the pressure in the intake manifold upstream of the throttle plate. The unit also uses a signal from the ignition to determine engine RPM.

i cant have this unit for about 50$ good or not

click below to see the unit!!!
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