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is there any 4door civics out there? what are some mods you guys have i think i might be gettin one soon and i wanna aknow what exhaust are for em

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EG Ferio Here...

You are not alone. There are sedan owners all over...

I have a '95 EG8 Civic Ferio. I'm taking my car toward the JDM style and it's a work-in-progress, but here are my mods:

- JDM Ferio corners
- JDM Ferio taillights
  (have red/clear taillights on right now)
- JDM Ferio window sash covers
- JDM Ferio SiR EG9 spoiler*
- JDM sidemarkers*
- projector headlights
- custom grill
- Tokico HP springs (1.5" drop)
- Tokico HP shocks (non-adjustable)
- OBX upper-strut tower bar
- Quantum Tek S10 16" rims
- Nitto 450 tires (205/45/16)
- Mozart twinloop exhaust

* Still need to install.

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I have a '97 4dr LX. Started its life as an auto, now is a GSR swap w/ manual tranny.

GSR w/ ITR tranny
Skunk2 Intake Manifold
Greddy SS 4-2-1 header
PowerCore high flow cat
Apexi WS Exhaust
Magnicor Wires, Denzo plugs
ACT Stage 1 Clutch
Spoon Lightweight Flywheel
AEM Adjustible Cam Gears
AEM UnderDrive Pullies
DC Short Throw Shifter
H&R sport springs (Integra)
KYB-AGX adjustible shocks
Eibach camber kits all around.
17" Nakiyama Racing Hyper-silver/Black wheels
Pirelli P700 Supersports
Powerstop Drilled/slotted discs
GSR leather seats up front

Upcoming mods,
Skunk2 Stage2 cams
Skunk2 Retainers, valves & springs
Crowler Connecting Rods
Spoon Blanced JDM ITR Pistons
AEM Fuel Rail
B&M Fuel Pressure Regulator and Guage
Block Guard
Head Bolt set
Electric Fan
Fuidyne Radiator
SS radiator hoses
Big Bore Throttle body (prolly 65-68mm)

maybe a few colored vacuum hoses to decorate the engine ccomparrtmentt. I generally avoid the show stuff, as my car is not a showcar (daily ddriver, with the rock dents and paint chips to prove it)


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i gotta four door. all show and no go for a while because i recently got fired from my fast food job.

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another 4-door owner here. most of my mods are cosmetic, cause all i'm trying to do is build a car that's fun for me to drive. so far i've got:

1995 Horizon Grey DX sedan.
d15 motor with auto tranny.
OBX "Carbonized" short ram intake (might switch to Injen two-piece CAI soon).
OBX dual Remus-style tip muffler (no full piping yet, but it's coming).
Gunmetal '92-'95 Civic VX rims with 185/70/R13 Bridgestone B240 in front.
Gunmetal '96-'00 Civic HX rims with 185/65/R14 Toyo Observe (going to replace them with 195/65/14 Bridgestone B240s though).
Black Housing triple beam Denji projector lamps (the third "beam" is actually a signal light).
Hyperwhite Raybrig R1000 dual fog/spot lamps (looking for a set of yellow ones for winter).
Smoked red/clear tails and front "JDM style" clear corners.
Full set of strut bars & tie bars (generic ones though).

and a bunch of stereo stuff. the above is what's really important though.

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I'm 96 sedan owner. I have front end conversion of 99-00 honda civic. I'm working my car toward to jdm style into Vi-rs ferio. It's still in processing. My car is auto... will be swap into gsr with manuel.

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another 4 door...

I've got pics in my sig....

It feels good to know there's a bunch of 4 door owners out there!
How dificult is it (i.e. labor/hours) to do a GSR swap with a manual tranny...just curious.

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My 4dr

I gots myself a 4dr. My mods consist of motorswap, 18inch r/h c3'lowered 2.3in the rear 2.5 in front. spoon n1 exhaust on its way full strut sway bars solo short shifter. jdm lights lip grill. My ferio badging is on the way my interior is going on weds i got two racing seats and all the seats are wrapped in leather and suede theres more but can't remember.

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I has the Wings West Bigmouth front bumper with the Racing Series sideskirts and rear lip. The wing is a Wings West thrust style. I'm changing the front end and removed the spoiler. Want to buy the spoiler? $100 plus shipping.
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