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95AccordWagonLX said:
I live near the King of Prussia area and drive around a lot. What do you drive? Maybe I've seen you around. I am going to school in northern NJ but I go to Autocross every month in Camden, it kicks ass, you should try it!
Whats up man. I live a little more north than you. Ever hear of Warminster, Warrington. I live around that area. I go to school at Bucks community college. I haven't really drove around the King of Prussia area a lot nor have I gone to autocross. I went to Englishtown before thats about it. I drive a black 96' cpe. 5-speed with v-tec. I got neuspeed/koni's and rollin on 18's. Intake and exhaust and in the process of doing my interior. Talk to you later man.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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