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any good chip you can get to add HP?

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any good chips you can get for a civic 98, so i can add a bit of speed to my car. im just looking for ways to make it go faster cuz i have all the basics. thanks would help if u posted link also.. and how much power it adds. thanks
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Not really.

Every car is different, so if you alter the ECU with an "off the shelf" chip, you may not be making the most power. Some domestic vehicles that have "off the shelf" chips available are detuned for various reasons (political, environmental, fuel economy, reliability) and the manufacturer didn't want to make more power with the risk of adverse side effects.

Generally, Honda engines are built to be very efficent from the factory, this is why we get measly gains from I/H/E and the minor bolt-ons.

A piggyback computer such as V- or S-AFC is sometimes the next step after I/H/E bolt-ons. That'll adjust your fuel curves at specific RPM points, but never as precicely as the ECU can. The factory ECUs have several fuel/timing maps for different situations such as air temp, pressure, throttle position, load etc. It's much more complicated than what can be accomplish from an -AFC box.

If you want the ultimate in tuning, pick up a Hondata or the new AEM programmable ECUs and tune on a dyno. This WILL (with someone who knows how to tune it) give you the maximum potential from your motor. This isn't cheap since you'll spend at least $1000 with tuning to achieve this power.
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