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DigitalOutkast said:
I got an f23a4 motor and i was wondering any mod for it don't hear much about pplz fixing this engine up. Also where can i find a replacement valve cover for this engine I really think the ULEV-VTEC in greeen isn't a nice touch to the car. Any aftermarket one or JDM valve cover?
I think there was a JDM F23A in the 1G Odyssee but aside from that they pretty much only have DOHC motors.

Valvecover: What you could do is get an F23A1 valve cover ('VTEC') and do what 98Accord did. It'll look much better than stock.

Engine fixup: Before I demodded my F23A4, I had:
-DC Sports 4-2-1 header
-Iceman CAI
-APEXi WS exhaust (still have)
-Stillen FPR
-AEM Pulleys
-Skunkworks Cam Gear

So you can do a great deal of mods. Just know that the power potential is not as great as with the DOHC (B & H series) motors.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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