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Hey guys. Some of you know me as "del Sol Type-R" from the old board. It's good to see that most of you are still here.

Financial trouble forced me to sell my sol. Actually, I grabbed onto the whole "fast and the furious" tidal wave and sold it for a lot more than I paid. :cool:

Well, now I'm back into the game, but being married with a family on the way meant that buying another sol was out. And I needed something with a warranty. I went out and got me one of those new fangled Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V's. If you ever get a chance to drive one, do it. They're fun, and the 180 lb-ft of torque feels great! I still love Sols (I owned three of them), and I miss the commroddery (That is NOT spelled right) of the message board. Any other good boards.

Jeesh, I miss you all - sniff - :(

formerly del Sol Type-R
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