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any shops in ct?

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hey guys im from ct, and i was wondering if you guys kno of any shops in ct???? thanks a lot
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hey I'm from CT too, what kind of shops are you looking for? What part of CT are you from also?
middletown, im lookin for like performance, and body
not sure exactly, I'm from the waterbury area, but check out the Berlin Turnpike's official website they have some Connecticut forums where you can find a lot of people that hang out at the berlin turnpike and are from the CT area.
I'm not sure if they are still into it, but more than likely they are. I used to work at a place called Street Stuff on main street in Norwich. Then again that was almost 10 years ago(yikes showing my age again). They used to do everything they could get their hands on. The owner, Rich, is one of the best painters I've ever seen, his son was a great mechanic. They did all kinds of wired projects when I worked there. Did all of Charlie Klewin's(the general contractor for Foxwoods) cars, from his infamous Ford F-350 with more toys and power than you could shake a stick at. We had the turbo diesel pumping out 700hp and 1150lb-ft :D to putting a wicked system in his Carrera 4. We did an old bravada with switches, body kit, house of kolor kameleon paint, and 4 kicker 18"s in the back , only downside to it was that he only had the front seats left, the boxes took up the rest of the back lol. The neatest thing we did was a limo van. Took a ford econoline f-350 cut it behind the rear wheels, took another van cut it right behind the front wheels, welded the two together, raised the roof by about 2 feet, dropped an 800hp 514ci in to get that thing around, put more electronics and neat stuf inside than you know what to do with, and sold it for a pretty penny.

You should give them a call and see what they are still into, in 93 we put a body kit, flared the fenders, slapped some dubz on, put a little blue bottle, neon(which looked killet when there was snow on the ground) and installed a wicked system on one of my buddies accord. Starting the import scene way back :)

There was another shop down the road on main street that gave us some competition, but I can't remember the name.

Oh and there's a greasy spoon on the corner next to it, used to date the owner....and her daughter lol......well ok, I was just dating the daughter, but sneaking a little bit of the mom on the side lol... oh wait, that was 10 years ago, so they are old now, 48 and 28 respectively.. yuck..
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