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any shops that fix curb scratches on rims?

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2 of my 17" konig monsoons are pretty scratched up after an "incident" with a curb. Are there places that can fix this?! or can only replacements solve teh problem?:(
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There is a place in Cambell

I think the place was called Wheel Techniques or Wheel Works....they are located in Cambell.

I dented all 4 of my 17 inch Enkei last year and they fixed it just like brand new.
thanks for the help... i'm from the 408 so i won't have to ship it like with the other places.

Hey island boy, i was just wondering.... but were u from the 808??
my parents moved there and i was wondering where i could run at while i'm over there...:)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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