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Any UK People Here ?

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anyone else here from the UK ?

if not - be nice to me :p :p
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i'm here :)
5 of us! Yay!
no ride for me unfortunately. The one in my avatar is my old civic that I had in oregon...but I sold that to move here and study motorsport engineering.

I see you've got a JDM eg6....nice. Pics?
this must be the most happening thread on the forum lol
Just joined, I'm from Leek in Stafforshire with a FR-V (my wifes) but struggling to find a decent forum for this car. Hopefully this forum is the one!!!!
hi all, i just joined up an seen the thread so i thought i'd announce myself an locale. name's andrew(woodsy-wze) and i'm from ipswich, not far from cambs. hiya sirmerced.
nearly forgot to mention what me ride is. i got a 1994 accord 2.2 esi coupe, f22b5 engine. i love it, its a work in progress but the car has got so much potential.
And me now...that is if you guys are still here. From manchester UK DC2
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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