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any way to make a carburated 87 crx dx faster??

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i have an 87 crx dx,its kinda sluggish and was wondering what i can do,im not a carburator specialist
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Check out a few of these sites:

I am sorry, there are TONS more that I cannot remember.
I have two 87 CRXs, one is an SI and one is a DX carborated, the carborated model has 137 HP (beats the stock 75) I have a weber carb setup, new cams, polished head.

there are tons of things to do to the old school CRXs, that's why I have one!
ive seen an older 87 crx with a dohc zc carbed motor with mikuni performance carbs and that thing was fast.
Try an engine swap with an engine from a 86-87 Integra, or a B16A swap

go here for some swap info on the 87 CRX:
without an engine swap, it's still going to be an investment. If you only want a slight improvement then I would consider the basics like a header, exhaust, cam, etc. It all depends on how much you want to take apart and spend. Plus carbs are not that hard to work on, even though they require adjustment here and there. All this talk reminds me of my 65 Beetle with dual Kadrons, 1600cc, 1.3 ratio rockers, blah, blah ,blah, old school but still cool.:)
actually this is my work car and i wanted to know about cheap or free stuff,i thought carbed cars can be tuned very easily,i chenged the shocks,plugs,air filter,pvc valve,cleaned carburator,removed the restrictive tubing from the air cleaner,removed the thing on the carb that covers it so big rocks dont get in:) it feels better,got it up to 100 today and felt like it had more,before it was a deathtrap now it is rock solid at 90mph crusing speed,i was thinking of getting a kn filter and maybe cutting open the air cleaner so it gets more air,and guttind the cataylitic converter,i got a fast car already,i just want a quick work car to get past those guys that try to pass me on the right so i can run them into a parked car or tree or pole for the greater good
free stuff.....make yer car as light and possible by gutting it and taking out some parts
where can i find out how to remove the emissions system and any other stuff not needed?
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