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anybody do any new hop ups this winter?

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anybody do any new hop ups this winter? I've just been trying to put my head back on , it was alot easier taking it apart. My brother put some bigger stainless steel valves in his 350 S10 and my friend put a bottle(70shot) and a carbon fiber hood on his cabriolet. When then sun comes out again it should be fun.:p
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Swapped the motor and tranny went from automatic to 5 speed and put a b16a in with drag gen III turbo kit its been a really goo d winter. just waiting till NIRA and IDRC to kick off so I can test some times.
a lot of look mods will be done for summer. during summer i'll be saving for modding during the winter where i will do my swap if i can get it done for summer.
i am doing a b18b swap in my 92 cx hatch. that will be done in a couple of weeks.
Got new wheels for autocross:

Took out my suspension and put this in:
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tanabe rm and pioneer in dash dvd w/monitor and dolby digital surround
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