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Anybody have some pics of some LS wheels?

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Well i found some Integra LS wheels that are in great condition with good tires for 400$, do you guys think they are worth it? anybody know the weight on them? also do you guys have any pics of honda/acuras with them? thanks i just gotta find out if i am gonna get them within the next 24 hours, lol. thanks everybody
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depends what ls rims... the most recent ones... up to 01 are 15 lbs each...
Hey, this is just an a link to some wheel weights, but the LS rims will probably be about 15 lbs.

Ok thanks guys, you think their worth 400$
What year are they, and about how much thread is left on the tires?
2000 teg, and yes they all have like around 70% or so tread left.
Mine were steelies with plastic covers, hope you ain't payin $400. for steelies?:D

Here is a shot of a 2000 LS wheel:

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deMad10 said:
Here is a shot of a 2000 LS wheel:

Picture isn't showing up, but if you right click go on properties and copy the link of the picture, and paste it on another page it'll show up. Copy the link below, dont click it or it'll just say forbidden.

*edit* For some reason it showed up after I pasted the link like i said. But i think it was because after i visited the site, it was saved in my internet history and it shows up now...oh well whatever.
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