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anybody here use octane booster when the race???

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I'm gonna race my friends prelude, he has a 93 si and just finished getting his h22 put in, his is an auto too, he has a really nice body kit but it looks really heavy, big ass wing, basic bolt ons, I/H/E/1 pulley, but really old tires. I know he's gonna probably beat me but I like racing for fun. I'm gonna take out the spare and all the junk, and I just bought some octane booster , 104+. I've never used this stuff before and was wondering if any one has. Does it make any type of difference at all??? oh i bought it too cuz it said it works as a fuel injection cleaner also:D . Rather than have this turn into a , He's gonna kick your ass , discussion, I'd rather here from people who have actually used octane boosters.
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I have trid the VP Octance booster before when I was at the track. After a full day of racing my car like 8runs or so I put it in for the hell of it and I ran a 16.95 I believe. I was kind of impressed since I had a real hot engine. So I belive that it could take off anywhere between .2 and .4 off your et time. If I get the chance I might try it agian.
It only works if you put in high performance fuel already. Plus don't fill the tank all the way. It will work better. half tank would do good.
unless the car was modified, really doesn't do much.
hehe well if ur car can take higher quality gas then that octane booster is good for you. i personally take 87 octane and when i put that octane boost i felt it. yet with the reports what we discussed on superhonda with me running a low octane engine and putting higher octane in, my hp will go down. its very confusing but if ur car is higher performance then go for it.
generally, higher compression means you should use higher octane. high octane fuel in a low-compression Accord will not do anything unless you have a well-tuned engine management system.

otherwise, it is a waste of money.
it was only 4 dollars and acts as a fuel injection cleaner too, so not too much of a waste if anything. dropped it in my car last night. Didn't really feal jack till after i shut it off and turned it back on. the car feels smoother than it use to be. Not the biggest difference in the world, nothing like getting an intake or something like that but, I felt more with the octane booster than I did when I added my pullies, I honestly didn't feel a damn thing after adding pullies, the only mod I have that to me was a complete waste of 120 bucks.
Dont forget the booster won't take effect untill all the fuel currently in the fuel ines has been used up. This usually takes aroun 10 miles of driving...
yea..true true. high compression lies at 10.0.0 and higher. these are the times when you need 91 octane. if u are no where near it then dont use it.

tru about the gas kicking in after 10 miles.
no if you're running on vapor when you filled up. lol
I use OutLawz octane booster. It does make a little difference. It just feels like you have more torque from 1-3k rpm
what u mean vapor..o well. yea that outlaw sheit is tight..i use the 10 dollar one..kills alot more gas though..but i can feel it, even though i dont have a high compression engine.
Vapor as in when you get to the point where you have no gas fluid left but just enough vapors remaining to run your car. Yeah, the Outlawz 4 shot bottles are tight.
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