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how do you like it? how does it look? any pix of it on your CRX?
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I have a greddy on my hatch, its the best one made in my opinion. Its real quiet, until you hit high rpms. No raspyness, just real deep. Highly recomended. Oh, it has a 4 inch angle cut tip, made of like brushed aluminum or something. Ryan
I agree, I have whatever the most current model is I belive it's the MX (Maximum Extreme). It's an awesome exhaust the tone is amazing. Idle from inside the car sounds like bass from some subs it's so tight. Like he said no raspiness like that cheap fake ass exhaust, just a constant deep tone. It is barely audible standing still but when you hit those high RPMs you know it's there. I would highly reccomend it.
I had a Greddy Sp cat-back exhaust. I liked it. It had a nice deep tone. Nothing radical and loud. Nice fitting exhaust. It was good until it rusted out on me. That's one thing about the greddy, the muffler and tips are stainless, but the piping, I don't know. Everyone else who had a greddy told me that there's rusted out too. So it's just something for you to think about. It held up for a good 4 or so years.
any of you have pix of it on your cars? anyone have a DC catback?
I've got a DC..... and I love it. Basically, the DC and GReddy are EXACTLY the same sound, almost identical look. Low growl all the way to around 4k, then she opens up.... but not raspy at all, sounds clean all the way to 8200......
pix???? i dont see any of it on your site
the dc or greddy street legal? if, so do they come with any papers saying its a certain db?
GREDDY does i dunno about DC
CRXtc said:
pix???? i dont see any of it on your site
I got a DC...front out look. .they look like the same, but i would like to go for Greddy SP.
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i know 3 seperate people that have greddy exhuast systems, all three have had problems with the inside rusting and falling apart.
I wouoldnt suggest greddy, but Apexi makes some good ones, worldsport supposed to be real nice.
Does anyone have a sound clip of these exhaust systems? Not too many people around here have respectable exhaust systems. Everyone has arospeed or magnaflow or something
yeah....thats what i want to get away from....that and the raspy sound.....but sound clips would be nice.........
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