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Wassup everybody......

I have a 94 accord sedan that I decided I needed to put an air suspension on. So I went and bought the kit from Chassis Tech because everyone I talked to said that they were the best for the money and they wouldn't go with anybody else. So I got it and its been hell from there. No instructions, but i pretty much figured everything out except for a few things. Anyways I could really us some help.
My first question is how do the front and rear struts go together? I got the bottom parts together but the top part is totally kicking my ass? A drawing would really help and that b/s that chassis tech has for a tech sheet doesn't help at all.
Second, how do i connect the switches to the valves? the rep at chassis tech said that there was two connecters under a small black cap on the ends but I'm not seeing s**t.
Any help anybody could give me would be greatly appreciated. I've been working on this thing for 3 days now and can't get it figured out. thanks guys!
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