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anyine that can photoshop..please help

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hey..i dont know how to link a sorry..but can anyone photoshop 94 es300 headlights on a del sol...if u can jus borrow a pic of someones del sol really appreciate it...the es300 headlights are the projector bad if theres any inconvenience
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yeh those lights..dont judge b4 u see it..they look better in person..but whatever..if anyone could help me out..thanks..
if you find some better angle pic of the lights I could do it or anyone for that matter so hook up some pics
here u go... several pictures there...thanks for any help guys..
Here you go, it'as the best I could do with the quality of the pics

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thanks..ill try to see if i can get some better pics
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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