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Anyone ever heard of this header?

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Just curious cause i have an opportunity to pick one up for a good price it's a company called TYPE ONE?.....i have heard of this company i think it's japanese but not sure?....let m eknow what you guys think of it and if you think it's a good buy.

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check out the sticky best header test
ur from canada...ur prolly heearing about AJ-Rs prototype header. AJ-R is prolly the biggest JDM shop in canada. I visited relatives and managed to stop by there. Im not to sure if they are selling the type-one header, but c-speed's drag b20vtec integra uses it. oh, by the way the shop is located in richmond.

tel: (604) 279-0329

hope this helps
as restricttive as stock but with a nice finish. If you want a good deal on headers try a set of pacesetters. Less than DC with the same size port.
pacesetter had the exact same specs as DC's 4-2-1, and its almost half the cost.
DragonRacingCvc said:
pacesetter had the exact same specs as DC's 4-2-1, and its almost half the cost.
I have installed pacesetters on a number of cars. the quality sucks. the fitment is almost always a little off. the material is horrible and wears out very fast.

and the specs are NOT the same ad the DC 4-2-1

you get what you pay for
Ive been installing them for years to. The fitment is fine, the diameter is the EXACT same and i have never had a problem with them. The only bad thing i can say about them is that the chrome discolors quicker than DC but most of my customers heat wrap them anyway so its not an issue.
but its still pacesetter....u cant really compare to DC or Comptech. to me pacesetter is like buying a hayame or APC header.
not even close. pacesetter has been around for like 30 years. They were used on old hot rods back in the day. Dont get me wrong, DC is better but pacesetter is a good bang for the buck.
thats what i meant..its generic...they make headers for everybody which means they really dont specialize on a certain car make...companies like DC and Comptech...specialize on honda....i believe DC makes headers for the non-turbo Eclipse, but thats about it..
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