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What's up? Looking to set up a meet in AZ to meet other girls into cars!

I travel to Cali at least once a month-any meets in SoCal going on?

Post here or PM me!

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You might also want to try a posting/checking out the Pacific Forum. Of all the regional forums, that is the busiest one. :tu

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AZ R8cergirl Meet

R8cergirl Meet Saturday Mar 5 2005 @12pm Phoenix Int'l Raceway
Topics of discussion/Agenda

This is an opportunity for females to meet other female racers in the Phoenix area. While Phoenix is growing, R8cergirl’s mission is to recognize female racers here in Phoenix, and for Phoenix to be recognized as one of the cities growing with sport compact car tuners in general.

AZ R8cergirl Promoters, please contact Audra if you are able to attend:
Rose Fontanilla
Licia Carrillo
Lisa Huynh

-Introduction of R8cergirl
-Intro of each person at meet
-Info on R8cergirl Website
-Pass out flyers/brochures for NOPI, Hard Drive, SCCA, newsletters
-Drift Novice School (
-Discuss Auto-X (SCCA)
-Auto-X schedules, Apr 2 & 3…May 1. Who else will run with R8cergirl? So far it’s Audra and Rose…
-Discuss Roadracing (NASA Pro Racing)
-Discuss Drifting
-Team R8cergirl showoff. Pass out application for non-promoters.
Mission: to recognize and promote growth of female racers in AZ, and represent by showing off race cars at events.
We are planning to design an official team shirt which can be purchased at cost. Team members will receive a discount on all other R8cergirl merchandise.
-Group photos (to be posted on our website)
-Watch the road race event

-NOPI and All Nissan Nationals Mar 19 &20
-Hard Drive Live Apr 15-16
-IDRC Oct 8
-HIN-Oct 15
If you have questions or are lost on that day…call (602)391-3573
e-mail [email protected]
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