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Anyone from NY...

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Anyone from NY. Whats up wit the races? They're(pigs) like shutting us down completely. Hunts Point, Greenpoint and Francis Lewis. I don't know bout Deer Park tho. Anyone been out there?

They even went so far as block the streets we race on with dump truck. Bastard.

Aight peoples we need new locations, any suggestions? 1.
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i hear ya... i haven't been down there in a minute but that's what i hear... i'm looking for new places myself... i'll holla if i find anythin out... aight...

last time i was at hunt or zerega... the blocked all of us in and started ticketing and checking serial numbas like it was christmas...

Yeah i heard bout that.
i'm from LI...lemme know if ya find a new spot! yo, anybody know if anythings going on down at fountain ave again? I was working there today and seen alot of tire skids in the street there which makes me think that something is happening there again.
Fountain Ave.? Wheres that at, I've never heard of it.
fountain ave is in east new york. its an old spot...used to go off back in the day.
Aight. Was talkin to my friend who knows more bout racin spots. He said he used to go to Fountain ave. first. Well tomorrows Friday, U goin racin? lol
english town...tomor...:):)
where exactly is the spot in greenpoint?...neva been up there before.
nj right here
One of the spots at Greenpoint is under the Highway and next to a high wall where the cemetery is at. Don't know the street tho. I was there on Fri. got arrested and my car taken way from me. So no more racing for a while. It was all a set up they had eyewitnesses and everything. They blocked us in and had guns drawn. Took all our keys. I got charged wit serious shit. Trying to fight it now.

I don't regret nothing. I do what i do and love what i do even if its illegal. And i'll pay the price if i have to.
that's fucked up...guns drawn and all that shit for running on an empty street? you got ya car back by now, i hope?
i got caught in the middle of a drug bust once... ever seen the inside of a shotgun??? :( but yo they did that once down at hunts actually right on zerega ave... that wasn't fun... people left car and ran only cause half the ish down there was hot...

if you were actually caught racing then i feel for you... if not... what did you get arrested for??? if you don't mind sharin...

They pull up after everyone was done racing. Cops got license plates numbers of who was racing. And I was one of them.

The charge is "Reckless Endanger 1st and 2nd degree." They charged me with that cause they said while we was racing there were oncoming cars and endangering peoples.

Its bullshit cause we would never race if there were cars in the street. Thats just stupid.

Everybody said a different thing bout getting my car back. One cop say I can't get it back and another say its going to take a long time. Some say its just going to be hard to get it back. I'mma talk to my lawyer after the court date bout the situation tho.
that hurts... but yeah sometimes it takes a while before you get ur car back... only cause they want to F*** with you... no other reason...

I feel for ya bro... Good luck with all that ish...


I don't really care bout the car. The only reason i want to get the car back is because its my bros and it was transportation. Was bout to sell the car anyway.

Just hoping for no jail time.
that's because of Guiliani's law...reckless driving = your car taken away....that's bullshit.look at the way everyone drives on the street everyday, I don't agree with that. The drunk driving one, yeah ok, that's different though.
yea geting caught sucks one of the people that was racing me got cought and arrested he only got arrester b/c he was running an integra w/ NOS and got busted for what u said before and boosting cars it sucked and he still dont have his car back but i kno a spot where you can race its a great place but its pretty far away u gotta go up 684 for a bout 2 hrs but there are 4 lane highways and at night NO one is there no cops no 1 its great
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