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anyone go to drivers schools??

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is there any one who has done some road race schools, ive done putman park and it was the most fun ive ever had next to sex of course
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I went through Police dirving school in the Acadamy at Wright Patt....
Got to beat the crap out of cars on the courses.

Better than sex.. (beter than a few girls at least)
hey selectscar, u a cop?or were a cop?
I went to traffic school once, does that count?


thats cool, im tryig to become a cop, and eventually go fbi or cia. why did u stop?
TOO MUCH SHIT: domestic Violence, rape, child abuses, blah, blah

Couldnt bust kids for doing shit when I did the same shit too!

Amongst others

Just not for me
I have a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology and was planning on going into Policing but decided against it. First of all, although the job would have been fun, it just didn't pay well enough for putting my life on the line everyday. I spent 11 months in grad school after I graduated with the BS and DOUBLED my starting salary once I graduated with the masters.

Sometime I wish I would have stayed in policing when I hear car fly by with lights and sirens, but oh well... now I can afford to have some fun.

I feel you on that!!!!

now Im back in school - starting over - ad have 3-4years left

BLOWS, but will have better job
ive been through 2 level one traffic schools and ive been through 1 level 2 traffic school but these dont cant.

i wanna go to the driving school where nicholas cage learned how to drive for gone in 60 seconds....that school is in arizona.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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