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anyone have a SI with ZC swap?

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if so can you take a picture of all the vacuum lines hooked up(you know the ones near the intake manifold), mine are all mixed around and i dont know where they go anymore, email me at [email protected]
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all the vaccum lines except one from the MAP will hook up and it will run fine, if you feel the need to hook up that last line T it of of the other MAP line OR get a MAP from a 92-95, it only has 1 vaccum port on it therefore eleminating that second vaccum line coming from there so its cleaner, and every line hooks up !
Since when did MAP sensors have two lines running to them??? The MAP is teed ,and one end is supposed to go to a block off plate, and the other to the manifold. What are you talking aout???:confused:
Its on his signature ( BELOW )

1989 CRX Si
-Teg ECU
-Tanabe Exhaust
-Akimoto Intake
-Upper strut bar
-Mugen Bodykit
-Turbo coming soon...does....

Thas not my setup..
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There is a second hose that goes to the purge cut solenoid. You can tee that off of one of the other hoses of the same size.

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