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Anyone having a problem waiting for ur kit to come in?

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I heard that since 9-11 kits been harder to get in or something like that, well is that true? I mean its only been a month but i guess thats normal right? I ordered a CL light conversion with blitz bumper on a 94 integra.
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where are you getting it shipped from? if its out of the country it would take a while. im ordering 2 kits from cali to be shipped to chicago, and the guy said about 3 weeks the longest to box and ship to my door.
Mine took over a month to get shipped to me. But I don't think it was shipping. I think it was the distributers fault. Once put on the truck it should take a lil over a week.
I think it mostly depends on if the kit is in stock when you order. I waited 4 months for mine just to be told it wasn't in stock after several calls. When I switched my order to an in stock kit, it only took about a week to arrive.
damn i cant even pay my bills ontime since that shit happened
the guy told me both my kits are in stock. so im good.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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