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I already bought one of those ebay 93-97 lips that did not fit for sh!t. I tried it on a 93 del sol and it seemed to fit without problem. Obviously the bumpers are different just from looking at them. But the 96/97 is about 1/2" longer around. Should I just get a polyurithane one and stretch it? Anyone got pics of one on a 2nd gen? Anyone know where to get a guaranteed fit lip from?
I test fitted a 96-98 Mugen lip today (not even close) I ordered one that said 93-97 in the auction, but the one I got said 99-00 civic)

Here is the 93-97 lip on my 1996 sol:

After about 1 minute being mounted and not driven it ripped. Please help me find a lip!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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