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Anyone know what the hell they are talking about here???

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The VTEC Performance Bar is a very simple performance upgrade with a factory part. This bar has the ability to be installed on every year & model delSol.
To install the VTEC Performance Bar you will need to remove the passenger front wheel. Once off; you well locate the CV axle and then slide the VTEC Performance bar through the different parts with the arch of the bar going in an upward direction. When the bar is laying in the proper position you will line up the mounting holes and fasten the bolts.

On the Si models there is a small bracket which holds a hose. This bracket is located in the far driver's side hole and can easily be bent to still work while have the bolt hold the bar & bracket. The easiest way I have found to tighten the bolts is to use rachet extensions to a point above the engine. Tighten all four bolts as tight as possible.

Part Numbers:

"VTEC Performance bar" - 50205-SR3-N11
4 bolts needed with the above - 93401-10025-08
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Is there anything like this for 4g or 5g ludes? What is this thing? :)
Never even heard of such
Sounds like a bunch of crap to me, some guy just messing around.
that cant be real...

what does a bar going into your suspension area have to do with vtec? blah..
Hmmm... I did a search on and found a rod and throttle cable as the parts. I was thinking possibly a sway bar from a higher VTEC model Sol.
I explored that sit a little and I think what they mean is a lower front tie brace. That is the only thing I can figure out of it.
Sounds something like a traction bar, for controlling wheel hop, but i could be wrong. I was also thinking sway bar as well.

I guess it could be a radius rod, like cyberhide said. As for a sway bar, it doesn't have anything to do with VTEC or performance, just handling, and that's not how you put one on. That's gotta be the worst write up I've ever seen, so I think he either doesn't know squat or he's messing with people.
hmm... I think I got it now... It is the sway bar from the 160 hp version of the sol. Must be bigger dia or something. Thanks guys, the mystery is solved, or is it?! :)
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