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Anyone seen a Starion/Conquest on an Auto-X?

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Just curious, I've driven them, and they handle great on longer road, but never tried on a narror "course"

Has anyone seen in person one on a Auto-X course set up?


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I've seen one or two. Problem is they are getting old that replacement parts are not readily available anymore for them.
how well did they do when you say them?
Yes but, the last one I saw was over a year ago and each run, a different rusted part kept falling off and the car was just a cloud of blue smoke at the finish line.

InsnImprtGuy said:
how well did they do when you say them?
They were newbies driving on stock tires. Couldn't tell ya
while I haven't seen one at an autoX yet, I have seen several 84-89 300zx and MKIII supra and FC Turbo II's all these cars I think fall in the same classes and they do fairly well depending on the driver.
Actually parts are dirt cheap and easily available. The cars handle very good. They weigh in at about 3100 give or take a few lbs. the tsi and esir models are turbo intercooled. and have damn near 50/50 distribution.

SCCA racing history;doc=racehistory

General car information;doc=history

I just realized how old this thread is, but oh well :D

There is also a team racing one in scca performance rally. He has placed a few first place finishes as of late I believe. I got to see the car in person about a month ago, very nice car, and is basically bone stock minus interior and the roll cage.
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Why the heck did you resurrect a thread 2 years old?
CivicSiRacer said:
Why the heck did you resurrect a thread 2 years old?

That's what I would like to know???
I would like to know what a Starion/Conquest is.
7u12130 said:
I would like to know what a Starion/Conquest is.
Look it up. Mitsubishi Starion and Chrysler (if I remember right) Conquest.
I had a red conquest just like that one only without the black headlights. 186 hp turbocharged. Stock boost was turned up to about 14 on my car. They haul. I blew a head gasket and the Chrysler dealership actually bought it from me here in mansfield. Spitzer Dodge gave me 3000 for it with the headgasket bad. All electronic dash inside, very hard leather seats. It would pull to 140 mph with ease. I'd say it was probably a 14.3-14.5 second car.
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