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A lot of people have a Ex turbo set-up. Greddy, Drag, F-Max, RevHard, Apex'i, and other independent companies all make turbo applications for the d16y8 of the 6th gen Ex.

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GhostRider said:

i believe they JUST came out with it, there's an article in this month's HondaTuning about it.
Not the one with the S2K on the front, right? If there's a new one, I'll have to go check it out..

Just as madtownhonda said, GReddy's 92-95 kit can be put on any EX from 92-00, and other 92-00 Civics with some modification. The difference between the 92-95, 96-98, and 99-00 is all in the wiring.. has diagrams on how to convert the 92-95 to fit newer applications..
On the other hand, the companies that Rage listed (except Apexi) make kits that are for the 99-00's..
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