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anyone using aftermarket cams with a JRSC?

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I´ve always had a curiosity of what would happen and what would you gain ro loose if you used a set of cams for example skunk2 or toda with a SC.

anyone ever try this?
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Skunk2 or toda cams will most likely make you lose power. You can get cams, but from what I understand and have read, you'd be better off getting custom ground cams specific to FI. Skunk2 and toda and some of the other big names are meant for N/A. I think it's Crower that can custom grind a cam for you, as well as a few other companies.
damn that sucks, guess if I ever go SC I´ll have to toss out my cams
How about the Crower turbo-spec cams, wouldnt they work well on a SC'd application?
How much of a gain would I expect with the Crower turbo cams... hmm... got me kinda interested :D
ive been told that the itr cams are the best cam that you can put into a s\c motor !! you can call jackson and they should be able to help you out more that anyone else
best bet is to call jackson racing and ask. they have done a lot of testing with a lot of cams and should know what would work and what wont. HOWEVER, keep in mind that if you get a reprogrammable ecu like Hondata, you can possibly get gains out of the aftermarket cams.
Yea, I will be running a Zdyne Gold SECU, so, time to email JRSC i guess.
keep the stock cams..
whats this, we have to start over with post amounts!
99sivtec thats what ive heard from a couple different tuners and i didn't know if that was true so thats why i put the post up there sorry for any confussion on anything
I think even JR will tell you not to use ITR cams, but rather stay with your stock cams.
RaceInspired- its post reply not new thread

RaceInspired said:
So, I asked them if a turbo-spec cam like crower would help increase HP, and this is what I got:

"Normally they don't in that a Turbo needs extra exhaust lift to push on it to make power. On a supercharger where you don't have a Turbo as a restriction on the exhaust side of the engine the cam will just blow boost out of the engine and into the exhaust."
i guess he pushed the wrong button:D
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