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anyone want RS*R invidia exhaust?

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i know this should be in the classified, but wanted to give everyone here first dibs on the exhaust.

i have a set of brand new janpanese RS*R exhaust for 92-95 civic hatch. full cat back, stainless steel. comes with the removable silencer. it will give you the deep throaty sound. very clean, good quality. these are brand new. only a few of the RS*R were imported, very rare. so if anyone want it let me know. asking $315
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do you have any pic's?
yea, but i dunno how to put it up. give me yoru email i'll send it to you. or e-mail me from my profile.
Please send it to me too. I have the old style RS*R and I want the new RS*R Invidia.

[email protected]
sent. to both.
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