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I really hope someone can help me. I have a 1999 civic SI and I am really trying to learn about the body of my car and i have a few questions. Those little tan plastic pieces on each side of the car that support the sides of the rear bumper, are they bolted on or glued on or wut? And also are there pieces of metal( maybe kinda rectanglular or something) that have 2 holes in each ,one on the very left and one on the very right of the rear of the car (2 total) that the bumper sits on, and does the bumper have the little notches on it that fit into these holes? Im askng cuz ive seen some civics that have this and some that dont and I want to know if 99 si's have it. And also What is the black plastic piece that is to the left of the wheel well. Does it attach to anything or hold anything up? Note: that tan plastic piece is what i was refering to in my first post. (THIS IS NOT A PIC OF MY CAR)

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i've had my car since March 02'.. took the bumper off for the first time about a week or so ago to clear my headlights.. it was REALLY easier than i thought. has a an article on how to take bumpers off if u need accurate instructions. i didn't need instructions.. was 2 bolts on the bottom of the bumper.. 1 screw on each side connection the bumper to the fender.. (2) total screws for that.. then theres about 7 little tabs that raise up on the top of the grille.. very simple..

good luck.. take care =)
OOPS! LOL sorry i thought you meant the front bumper.. ahhhho well.. hopefully i helped a little bit.. should be as easy tho!
The tan pieces clip in from the back. You need to pull back the carpet inside the trunk to get at them. The help keep the bumper from sagging. I'm not sure what you mean by the metal piece but the black plastic piece is designed to hang straight down and attach to the edge of the rear bumper around the wheel well. It keeps the bumper from flareing out and vibrating at high speed.
99DOHCvtecSI said:
nice "BODY KIT" :D
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