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Well i have about three and cant seem to find anyone to answer.

First off I have a Greddy type S Blow off valve my question is what do i hook up the two connectors to one is on the side and the other is kinda slanted downward they look like vaccum lines?

Second, is about the same question, I have a Tial 35mm wastegate, there is a hole in the top of it and in the side a little under the lip of the waste gate they both are threaded for bolts that have little vaccum connectors attach the them where do these route to. Also on the box it says the the spring is set at .45 bar for the wastegate. Is there anyway to adjust it or do i have to purchase a boost controller for that?

Last, i needed to know where do i hook up a mechanical boost gauge to and where is the best place to mount the sensor for the EGT gauge ( eletronic).
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