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Anyway of making security??

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Is there anyway to defend against theives breaking into your car??? Well what i meen you can put a tracking device on the car but is there anything else i can do??
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if someone wants your car they'll take it the most u can do is slow them down with starter kills and making noise
have u ever seen those undercover crackdowns where the pigs fix this car up where the windows are shatter proof and the doors lock by automatically once the jackers in it? end results, the jacker is behind bars!! now that is the ultimate security system
Well im sure that the tracking system is nice. Alarm for personal use only there is no point of arming them in public becuase everyone ignores them.
I say you put a hidden siren inside the car that emits like 150 db in a high pitch sound. They would probably leave the car fairly quick if they were going deaf.:D
LMAO thats hella funney :D Would be nice ;)
well there is that anti-car jack system that i have seen. but havent read any reviews on it so i dont know if it is good or not. heres a link to some info on it: , and click on the "other items " link and u should see it.
Maybe a large Rottweiler would be an excellent security system, but they can be defeated with a big, juicy steak.

There are a lot of measures you can take to prevent your car from being stolen, but there are few things that will prevent someone from loading it onto a flatbed and hauling it off. Start kills, fuel pump switches, etc will slow someone down... but how much damage have they done to get far enough to slam a big ass screwdriver into your ignition and nothing happens.

The first rule of security is to make your car blend in, if it sticks out: it's a target.
small tip.. would be to disable your trunk release in the car ... a lot of theives will break your window and pop your trunk and steal whatever is in the trunk ...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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