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Car 1999 Honda Civic Ex
Engine D16Y8...

k well i just installed my N1 last thrusday night... and after reading all the "its to loud, sounds like crap" and what not.. but also hearing all the good things about the exhuast iw as not to sure what to expect... but honestly i love this exhaust, it doesnt get loud until around 3500 rpm, thats when you can really hear it.. and 90% of the time, in town driving you should be shifting around there... IMO anyway...

before this exhuast all i had was a muffler... and after 4 grand you didnt hear it anymore, but taking the N1 to redline, it climbs the whole way... and i honestly dont think its that loud and it sounds good... now if you are going for a sleeper sound... then the WS2 is what you want... but thats not what i wanted... and plus i love the look of the N1..

the only think i had problmes with is the fitment under the rear bumber... but like alot of civics i have seen, my Rear bumper is sagging a bit... so the exhuast is tight to the underside... and from what i can hear there is no vibrating onto the bumper (because it is tight to the bumper)...

other then that... I love's it


i have DC 4-1 Headers
Stock cat (still thinking about a test pipe, Canada has no Emissions soo yeah )
and the Silencer is out...

Sound Clip...


Hope its a Good Review... :number1
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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