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will this be loud on my car? with the 2.25" custom pipe from cat to muffler?
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The cars ive heard with it on were loud! A civic and a type R, damn loud!
cat with a N1 on a lude was mad loud.Really loud..
well....i just got a ticket for mine yesterday...i put the silencer back 99.9% sure that its a 50 state street legal exhaust as long as you have papers with you showing its a legit street legal system..your all good..if cops pull you over jus show it to them.
why did u put the silencer on it? and did u get the catback system or just the muffler with custom pipe? and does the muffler come with papers that say its street legal?
i put the silencer in so when i get it tested its for sure to be under 95db..its quiet as hell with it in..i might keep it in too so i wont get harrassed by cops..cops "love" me. i got the catback the instructions it should say thats its carb eo and 50 state street legal..Hey if anyone has a copy of the instructions...can you please scan or email it to me to [email protected]? i need to bring in evidence when i go to court..if i lose this..i might have to pay a $440 fine..i think the judge might bump it down since thats a bit excessive but you never know..
where can i get a silencer and will it be loud even if i justget the muffler and do some custom piping?
my friend has a 115 dia A'PEX N1 on his D16Y4 engine, mild steel 2 1/4" piping from the catalytic converter back (no centre resonator), it's fairly loud, but the wierd thing is, it gets quieter when you rev it harder towards the redline!!!!quite obscure
mine is pretty loud, specially after the switchover. a friend of mine has an ex and his is pretty loud as well. N1 and the tanabe racing medallion are probably the loudest.
You think a 1.6L is loud with the apexi n1? ( LOL not being an ass cuz I know it is loud)...think how loud it is on a 2.5L with no resonator :D. I think it is affecting my hearing, so when I can afford to I am going to get something a little more quiet...

only bad thing is other peoples car alarms :D *hehe*...

I have an APEX N1 muffler with custom 3" catback piping. It's not too loud with the silencer. If I already had a turbo I wouldn't have messed withthe silencer, but I'm trying to hold in a little back preasure.

Just a quick question to anyone who has the cat back N1, did it come with all the nessesary hardware to install or would you recomend getting it installed by a professional. Cause my friend has most of the tools needed to do the job.
i think the N1's are one of the loudest exhausts out there. a couple of my friends have them and they want to get something different because the noise gets so irritating. all of them don't have the silencer though, they just wanna get rid of it instead of having to get a silencer.
Blindeye_03 said:
only bad thing is other peoples car alarms :D *hehe*...

haha, That's "bad????" I like driving through the parking garage, and then I hit it in first gear and see if I can set off some alarms.. I only do it on the way out, haha (I have the GReddy Evolution cat-back)
when you all are talking about the N1 are u talking about the catback orthe muffler? or is there not much of a difference in sound?
On my EG5, I'm running....

Hotbits 4-2-1 Header,
Car Sound Cat,
Custom 2.25inch straight pipe,
12inch Resonator,
Apexi N1 Universal (N/A).

Initially, the car had a 24inch resonator, the exhaust guy just used it without my consent. With the 24 inch resonator, the car sounded drooney in low RPM's but if I rev it past 4-5k. All I can hear is the intake which was unsual, just when you think it will scream, it shuts up!. That's when I found out that I had a 24inch resonator. Unhappy because I wasn't too worried about the sound of the car cause I was already running a straight pipe (straight to the back, under the fuel tank, angled to the side). I could also feel the car wasn't free revving in the high rpms.

So I took it back to the exhaust dude and he changed the resonator to a 12inch. He was just worried that it was going to be too loud so he used a 24inch. Lucky it was for free cause if it wasn't, I would have kick his ass! :p

The car now....

Very loud but not a killing can't take it kinda loudness. From the outside, it's very loud but it's got this hi-pitch note, like a motorbike, which is what I wanted. If i was to drive infront of a building or in a tunnel (somewhere that can echo the sound back) it is dead LOUD! Guess it's the way the mufflers mounted.

With the silencers, apparently they can destroy your cat. Something to do with the amount of gases leaving the engine and having now where to escape because of the restriction of the silencer. So i've been told....

I'll post some pics up when I get a chance to take some!

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ahehehe, believe you me, dis guys car is loud!! and its louder when he fully revs it, or maybe not, but its loud!!!!!
NYCE said:
well....i just got a ticket for mine yesterday...i put the silencer back 99.9% sure that its a 50 state street legal exhaust as long as you have papers with you showing its a legit street legal system..your all good..if cops pull you over jus show it to them.
"street legal" doesnt mean ANYTHING in regards to the sound decibel level the exhaust produces. When companies say street legal, they are talking specifically and only about smog/carb issues etc. if your exhaust is over 95db, youll get ticketed, and the court will win.
how do u measure the decibel level? and will mine be over 95?
my rm used to get quieter around 5.5k rpm but now that i got a header it stays loud up until around 6200 rpm then it gets quiet. I love my RM it wasn't as loud as everyone made it out to be, at least not to me.
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