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apexi turbo

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I just recently purchased the apexi turbo kit (intercooler kit and fuel kit), apexi twin chamber b.o.v and apexi gauges and turbo timer.....tha's jus to give an idea of the intended setup.

here's a website that I found that can better illustrate how the kit works:

anyways, the kit is for a 92-95 civic and I have a 96-98 ex coupe automatic. I've heard I won't have any troubles really because the engines are pretty much identical. But I just wanted to know if anyone else knew of any troubles I would get into when doing this kit. I heard I might need a missing link to get my car to not throw check engine lights but then again people have told me otherwise.

also, I've been told to flush out my tranny fluid and try to find some kind of synthetic? and is there anything else I"m missing ? ie. spark plug wires etc etc?

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yes if you could keep us posted on the install process I would appreciate it very much.
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