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Apexi VAFC question..

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A guy I know is selling his VAFC really cheap and I was thinking if there is a way to install it so that I can take it out when I'm taking the car to the dealer and put it back in after I get the car back?

I was thinking something like a plug 'n play harness would have to be made, but since I haven't really seen the installation of one I don't know what has to be done. Any comments or experiences guys?
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I'm sure you could do it quite easily man. Just like you said go to like a pep boys or something and get a plug that hold the neciessary (spelling) wires and that pulls apart. But make sure you put it together right. Good idea
yea...there is a plug n play type thing for your v-afc...but it costs anywhere from 150-250 i forgot...but its just like a harness for a aftermarket radio....just for your ecu...i think skunk 2 makes them...i have a v-afc and i was going to get the harness but i think its a waste of money...i just cut my wires...its not that big of a deal to put em back together
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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