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I got it installed by a muffler shop. First hard part was getting it into my car. OMG that was a challenge in itself. But luckly i have stripped back interior so i was able to squeeze it in. Once i got to the muffler shop and the opened it up thw pieces looked amazing. looked real nice. All the welds looked real nice and very professional. but the first bad thing i found out was that the catback came with no gaskets or bolts. Which wasnt too big a deal i just thought it would come with all the hardware necessary to install. Luckly the shop had some gaskets and bolts to use. The fitement of the exhaust is rela nice. It does hang kinda low but not too bad. Of course though at the moment my car is at stock ride height so i will really see once i lower my car. Once they finished installing the aftermarket cat and it was all ready it was time for the moment of truth.I sat intecipating the startup trying to hurry to get my seatbelt on. I started it up and i couldnt hear hardly anything. it sounded stock :wow I couldnt believe how quiet it is; even on the drive home. i then wnet to a friend'sd house to show it off and had him get in the car and rev it so i could hear. It sounded amazing; very low and deep. it ended up costing me $600 with the catback, install and the hi-flow muffler. I am very satisfied with the overall product and would do it again if I have a chance.

my overall rating

Sound-10 of 10

fitting- 8 of 10

Quality- 10 of 10

performance gain-8.5 of 10
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