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Apexi WS: Paint it black or leave it alone?

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My Apexi WS arrived on Fri. I'm debating on painting the muffler black and leaving the tip polished. I think it is just a little too flashy for my car. What do you all think? See my sig for pics.
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Painted exhaust IMO are the nastiest thing in the world. Please don't paint it!!!
DONT DO IT!!! if you want stealth, you should've gotten the oval es.
The oval ES is polished also. Plus i didn't feel like driving all over MD to get someone to custom bend the piping. i got my WS for $383.20 shipped from GBC
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Yea it is polished I knew that lol........ive seen it painted a lot and i actually liked it a lot.
AztecEJ - Did you need a camber correction kit w/ your springs?
So far I havent needed the camber kit.........this is my second set of tires, the first set was bald even before I lowered the car about a year ago. But I have had the current tires(Bridgestone Potenza re910) on since october and I have noticed no wear on the inside of the tires. Here's a pic of my car with the drop on the stock wheels.....btw these are the sportlines for the 96-00 civics so it sits about .2in lower(I need updated pics lol)
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