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are these sport or race springs???

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okay... i have the h&r "sports" in my room. but they are RED. i was just surfing around sites, and the RACING springs are red. did i recieve the wrong springs? f*ck optauto if i did!
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red are sports:)
my H&R race springs are red
did they change the colors?
i think the sports and the race are both red.
I know some others who had sports and they were red....race are red too...I am not sure man!
i guess i'll just havta see when i drop the lude!!!
Sorry to tell you, those are the race springs.




Go to for more info.
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that's what i thought because i saw those same pictures. is there anyway to find out which they are by the markings on the springs.???
okay... i just took out my springs, and i looked at the pictures u posted, and i have the sport springs, even though they are red. i counted the coils and where the lettering was and mine are the h&r sport.
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