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maybe I could help you understand a difference.

tires are what connect you to the ground...wether its turning(handling) or going straight...or even braking.

tires differ in compound.....compound is what the actual tire is composed of....I am sure it deals with the amount of stabilizer and rubber in the tire.

a higher tread wear generally means the tire will last longer or has a harder compound....this is great for a long lasting tire but generally doesn't grip well on surfaces as the coefficient of friction between the tire and earth isn't as great as a softer compound tire.

as tread decreases the tire becomes stronger to resist tread squerm but if the tire becomes bald enough you run out of rubber and will run on the stablizer....making the coefficient of friction less and having it be easier to skid out...or slip.

a stickier tire...which might have a treadwear of 0....slicks will grip better cause they are softer and stickier than any street tire with a harder compound.....
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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