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95accordlx said:
How many times can u re-use arp headstuds?? I took the head off to install the new pistons but now i think the head is lifting under high boost. If i boost 7psi it runs great all day long. The moment i turn it up to 12-15 psi ......coolant overflows to the bottle and i over heat. The head gasket seems to be leaking at high boost only. All the surfaces were straight and my mechanic said i should get new headstuds.
Need some opinions on if i should just get the new studs or retorque the old ones. BTW.... someone told me i should heat cycle them and have them retorqued if i get new ones. How does that work?
Thanx in advance guys.
so you took the head off to do the pistons and reused the headstuds... Did you reuse the headgasket as well?
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