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Article: Header Install & Exhaust Port Clean n polish

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Header Install & Exhaust Port Clean n polish

Check out this article , helps you clean your exhaust ports while installing your header.

Look for more articles and a performance / tip tech page to be added to the main page.

*also note on the pics....its hard to see the difference between the ports....because its already had some sanding on each. But from the one port on the right to the one on the left its a big change.
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Link isn't working man. Or did you move it to your chamber forum and forget to edit here?
why doesnt it show instructions as far as which order to sand in and how far/what to sand? common sense can answer that, but then again, if some people used common sense half the posts on this board wouldnt be here ;)
Yeah i could get more detaied....basically as far as you can reach and be careful of the can hit those and perhaps bend if your going crazy....i took my time and got as much metal as i could.

I also noticed on each port there was a big bump which i sanded down pretty much first and made it as flush as possible....

Also the metal itself is kinda i went off until that was pretty flat with like 200grit sandpaper.....I bought at discount autoparts.

Then when i got up to the polish part....i would take one drop of things wouldnt get outta hand....and wet sand until it became real nice and smooth....and your running upto 800grit.

Then 1500 grit wet sand one drop of water.....also make sure to clean it out...i had like a wet towel and i would finger out all the left over debris......

Then go off with aluminum polish and youll feel the mirror shine. Its basic polishing technique....start with the gritty , then go till its smooth and polish away...and get as much material as possible.

I then cleaned up the outside of the ports as you can see. Then back on went the header....or on goes the new one whichever you might be doing. It gave me a noticable gain on a car with 40k had tons of deposit.....about 2mm thick worth of crust....that i had to scrape out with a screwdriver.... Then i used a toothbrush dipped in carbon cleaner (sea foam) and went off until it was gone...

You can also use sea-foam and the toothbrush to clean away the debris in the sanding as well....just make sure to always pull the debris outwards....dont go back and forth.

Hope this helps.....should I add this onto the article? What should i say?
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