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ok guys, some of you know me, some dont... either way,

i got a 4cyl turbo accord, and im using obd1. i need to get my tags renewed and uhh... lest jsut say that my car isnt gonna pass. so, that being said, i need help with "passing" it, and a possible location i can take it to. im willing to drive far, im in chamblee/dunwoody area, and im willing to umm "compen$ate" for the information and the person doing the test.

please let me know, as i start school again in april, and i need the car legal to drive into the city on a daily basis again...

i know some of yall have the hookup, and i promise, i can make it worth your while to help me out... ill even let you take the car for a spin :p its got a brand new 6 puck!!

thanks in advance... and id really appreciate a PM on this
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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