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Attention all Ohio people!!!!

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are there any people from ohio on this board if so where???
1 - 19 of 19 Posts should prolly try off topic for something like this...but i'm from the canton area
I am from the Marion Area, I race my Civic at the Marion County International Raceway.
in the CIVIC OFF TOPIC section there is a Cincinnati tuners thread that is like 40 pages. I'm from lonely N. ky
hope to see some of you guys in norwalk on friday and saturday!!
civEXturbo said:
I am from the Marion Area, I race my Civic at the Marion County International Raceway.
Did you race last summer in August at mcir? My bro said there was a Civ EX turbo running 14.40's. He was driving is Grand National. Just wondering if your the same guy because I had a couple questions for you and your turbo EX.

I live 20 mins. away from mcir but my brother and I always go to National Trail. We went once together to mcir last August but we will be there probably every week during June.
medina oh here put car in ditch on april 2nd getting it fixed this week be at norwalk weds and fridays
My car is getting turboed this month. Probably be at National Trail and/or LaRue at the end of May and during June. Want to go email me!

I'm from Dublin OH... National Trail is my "Home Track."

Point of interest though: OSU's Buckeye Lots, off 315 and Ackerman in Columbus have a few SCCA tracks outlined. Fun as hell, just dont get caught.
hope to see you all at cruisefest in columus on saturday
yea cruizefest was kinda lame this year compared to all the years past! but i did see some really nice type r's and some really really nice tits and ass this year!!
Anyone head up to grudge night at the trails yet? Ran there last night for the first time and my runs sucked. Have to get used to launching on the slippery track. Best was only a 14.7. Oh time.
I was there last night but wasn't racing. Were you driving the red GS-R with the black rims? Big crowd last night.

It's a red gs-r but no black rims. I had my 17's on last night. I made it to the 3nd round of eliminations, then I was beat out by the force fed, black eclipse. Bastard ran a 13.4.
That's the guy that padded his dial in. Most of the guys from Force Fed padded there times last night. I thought it was funny when the guy lost later.
Yeah, his dial in was at 13.00.
representing Bettsville Ohio baby, near Toledo, and my shit's too slow for Norwalk
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