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ATTN I-4 Accord (1998+) owners

I purchased some Comptech front and rear sways at the beginning of the summer. Now I have my stock 2002 CL Type-S sways just sitting around my living room collecting dust. While, I'm tired of tripping over them so I thought maybe one of you folks would like to purchase them.

From the Acura site:
FRONT: 27.2 mm tubular
REAR: 19.0 mm solid
about 7,000 miles on them

So here's what you get:
- front sway bar
- rear sway bar
- rear bushing
- four bolts
- more than enough teflon tape for another install
- cool white Comptech cardboard box

Here's what you will need to complete install:
- front mounting brackets/bushings/bolts

I'm asking $70 + shipping O.B.O. for both front and rear sways. You pick the shipping method and I'll try to find the total price for you. If you are in the Pittsburgh, PA area and want to pick up that's cool too. I prefer PayWise, but if you have alternative methods for payment I'll definitely entertain them. email questions here: [email protected]

Here are the pics to show I'm legit:

you get everything here

close up of one of the rear bushings...sorry it's still a bit dusty

close up of the ends of the front and rear bushing w/ the bolts for the rear bushing

cool Comptech box...leave it in your living room and you can tell all your friends you have COMPTECH sways...j/k

Thanks for reading....and please do post questions.

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